Are coin collections good for the environment?



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    I wouldn’t say they are necessarily “good” for the environment, but they don’t really do harm to it, as opposed to many other hobbies that consume a lot of energy.  There are other hobbies that can benefit the environment or are eco-friendly, like gardening.

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    They can be good if they act as a way of preserving  a lot of different mineral resources that are otherwise just being used up as factors of production. Who knows one day we may run out of copper or nickel and people who collected coins will be in a good position.

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    I think collecting coins as a hobby is neither good nor bad to the environment. It is a very low impact activity. It is better than off-road driving or water-skiing. Collecting coin is one of my favorite things to do. Whenever I travel to a foreign country, saving a few coins in the country’s currency is all I need as a souvenir for myself. Don’t feel bad for collecting coins. It is a great reminder to you how much you have traveled and seen in this world.  

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