Are coconut palms good for animal life?



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    Surprisingly, not really.  Coconut palms are introduced species on islands.  Seabirds do not use them to nest in, which causes them to nest elsewhere.  This sets off a chain reaction that throws off the entire habitat of the ecosystem and causes nutrient depletion.  It seems ironic, considering that they’re seen as such a symbol of peaceful and harmonious island life.  See below for more information on this topic.

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    It depends what kind of animal you’re talking about! Recent studies have shown that seabirds actually prefer to nest in native trees, instead of coconut palms, and the spread of coconut palms is actually causing problems in tropical ecosystems. The lack of seabirds nesting on these now-numerous trees means that the ground beneath the trees receives less fertilizer (poop!) and can nourish less undergrowth. Other creatures need this undergrowth to feed on and live in, and so if other tropical trees become replaced by the coconut palm, the animals who depend on the original tropical ecosystem will be disadvantaged.

    Humans are certainly an example of animals who enjoy coconut palms, but the detrimental effects of widespread coconut palm trees on other inhabitants of the animal kingdom need to be further investigated and noted.

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