Are clouds made up from moisture in the atmosphere?



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    Clouds are part of the moisture in the atmosphere. Water has three common states: Solid, liquid, and vapor. It’s easy to see when it’s solid, when it’s snow, or when it’s ice mixed with air or other contaminants. It’s not so easy to see as liquid, sometimes, for example when you are swimming underwater. But it is easy to see water liquid when it’s … a cloud. Water vapor cannot be seen. The stuff that drifts up from your steaming hot soup or coffee is liquid and vapor, but you can only see the liquid part. Same deal with the atmosphere. Watch a time lapse of some clouds, and you’ll notice the edges appear and disappear. That’s because water is going back and forth between liquid and vapor state.

    Water is a remarkable substance. Scientists and teachers always say stuff like that … but water gets stranger, the more you know about it. See the links below for things that were found just recently.

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