Are cloth diapers more comfortable for the baby?



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    Depends on the baby, really. Cloth diapers are a more eco-friendly alternative to disposable diapers and don’t cause as many rashes as disposable ones do(with proper cleaning/treatment. With a cloth diaper you also avoid all the chemically scented-cartoon-printed shenanigans of a disposable brand.

    I found a really good site where they compare the two, please feel free to take a look for further information 🙂

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    As someone who has firsthand experience using both, I can tell you cloth diapers are more comfortable!

    With paper diapers, OK, they feel dry longer, but that doesn’t mean it’s OK for the parents to leave them on the child longer.  Ew.  LOL

    The new cloth diapers are sooooo awesome!  OMG.  Thirsties Fab Fitteds are amazingly soft and squishy.  They’re lined with something that feels like velour.  They have to be felt to be believed.  Bamboozle diapers are bamboo, and also insanely soft.

    Cloth feels wet immediately after peeing, so the baby will be more uncomfortable sooner, and the parent will have to be diligent about changing diapers, but just for general wearing between soilings, it was quite obvious which my child preferred.

    For paper diapers, which we used when going out of town for a few days, she couldn’t stand them on her body, and would try to take them off.  They were stratchy and rough.  With cloth, she didn’t mind them a bit, and lef them on.  If I had to bring out paper diapers to put on her, she would cry and hacve a fit.  She never did that with cloth.

    When a baby can tell you that distinctly which she prefers, it’s probably a good indication that cloth would be more comfy and soft.  🙂

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