Are clams and oysters related?



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    Clams and oyesters are both bivalves, which is a class of mollusks. A primary difference between oysters and clams is that clams move around and oyesters stay attached to one spot, except for the first few weeks of its life.  


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    Just to clarify, there is no precise definition of ‘oyster’ or ‘clam’ since neither is a scientific term. ‘Clam’ may refer to all the bivalve mollusks, or just the ones that can burrow or swim and migrate. Or it can just mean a few edible species. ‘Oyster’ may refer to true oysters (bivalves in the family Ostreidae), which includes the edible ones. There are also pearl oysters, which are in a different family, and are valued for being able to produce gem-quality pearls. And there some other mollusks called oysters because of physical resemblance or noticeable pearls.

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