Are chop sticks a green way to eat food?



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    That really depends on how you look at it, and the situation. Generally, like any other reusable utensil, chopsticks are reasonably green. They’re also most often made of wood, which is less environmentally taxing to obtain than steel or other metals.

    However, a lot of countries (most notably Japan, and likely China as well in the near future) waste a lot of wood creating disposable chopsticks, which are pretty bad for the environment.

    You could always make your own chopsticks too, I suppose, if you really wanted to. It’s all situational. I think that, generally speaking, they’re green, though.

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    Chopsticks made from bamboo are biodegradable, so yes they are green. If you get frustrated with chopsticks, there are also forks, knives, and spoons made from bamboo. They are heat and stain resistant, and more eco friendly than plastic utensils.

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    Not only is bamboo biodegradable, but it is a highly renewable resource, meaning that bamboo can be grown and replenished much faster than typical wood.

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