Are chocolates bad for the environment in any way?



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    Certainly the creation of chocolate has a negative effect on the environment, but not any worse than other manufactured foods.  Chocolate, as I said is a manufactured good, so that means that energy has to go into making them, and resources have to be used to make them.  They also come in plastic, foil, or paper wrappings, so these, just like countless other wrappers, end up in landfills or as litter.  Also, land has to be cleared to make room to grow cacao plants, so this can hurt an ecosystem.  Nestle has been accused of unsustainably cultivating materials for some of their products in the recent past.

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    Our current chocolate farming procedures are actually not sustainable farming, particularly in Africa, which means we are depriving vast tracts of land of their nutrients in order to grow it. Combine this with the fact that many cacao farmers have cleared sections fo rainforest for short term gain, chocolate can be very bad for the environment, unless we change how we gather it.

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