Are chiggers and ticks related?



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    Chiggers and ticks are both part of the arachnida class, however they have a number of differences. The main difference being that chiggers do not feed on our or other animals blood like a tick. Rather, they feed on skin cells. Also chiggers are not known to carry diseases and are considered harmless-aside from a little red itchy spot.

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    Yes both chiggers and ticks are in the arachnid class of joint legged invertebrate animals in the subphylum Chelicerata. All arachnids have eight legs and almost all are terrestrial. Both the tick and the chigger are both in the Acarina or Acari Subclass. Acarina are a taxon of arachnids that contains mites and ticks. Most acarines are very small and should have a segmented body with the segments organized into two tagmata. 

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