Are the chemicals in dryer sheets similar to the chemicals used for dry cleaning?



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    According to the sources I found there are some similar chemicals in dryer sheets and dry cleaning agents.  There are different acetates, chloroforms and alcohols listed in both of the lists I could find online.  It appears that some of the agents are the same, but the component perchloroethylene (perc) which many companies are attempting to eliminate due to toxicity, is not listed in dryer sheets, at least that I could find.

    I would guess the chemicals you would be concerned about are not found in dryer sheets, since dry cleaning is attempting to clean your clothes with chemicals, and the dryer sheets are trying to remove static and make your clothes smell fresh.

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    You can skip chemicals altogether by using a natural, biodegradable fabric softener and spritzing it onto a terry cloth then trow it in the dryer. Voila! reusable, DIY dryer sheet saving $$ and the air. 🙂 

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