Are CFL bulbs as environmentally friendly as we are marketed to believe?

With everything it takes to manufacture and then properly dispose of CFL bulbs, are they really better? Don’t they contain LOTS of harmful and toxic ingredients like mercury and lead?



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    CFL bulbs last at least 10 times longer than standard light bulbs and only use a quarter as much energy. It’s true that CFL bulbs have a small amount of Mercury in them. Each CFL bulb has about 4 milligrams of mercury in them.  It may not seem like much, but remember all that mercury can add up. 

    However, if the bulbs are properly contained and recycled, all that mercury doesn’t add up into the landfill.  In other words, CFLs are very environmentally friendly and a much better alternative- if you recycle them properly.

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    I’m leaning more towards the opinion that CFL bulbs can’t be as superior as purported as long as we lack systems and infrastructure that encourage their safe disposal and recycling. Sure, as long as they’re disposed of correctly they’re environmentally safe. But most people lack the time or information to do so in a way that doesn’t release mercury into landfills.

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