Are certain cheeses greener than others?



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    Well, blue cheese is greener than cheddar cheese… 🙂 couldn’t resist a green cheese joke… isn’t green cheese what the moon is made of?

    But seriously, if you want to go “green” when buying cheese consider organic whatever the variety… that’s step one.
    “Organic dairy cow are not given growth hormones or antibiotics, and they are fed eighty percent to one hundred percent organic feed. Dairy cows raised under organic farming techniques are also grazed or put to pasture on grass managed under specific farming conditions. The USDA also monitors the processes used to make and pack any cheese labeled “organic,” to ensure that no extra preservatives, genetically-engineered rennet, or coloring agents get added.”

    Beyond going organic I think that goat and sheep cheese is probably better for the environment than cow cheese. The carbon footprint for the smaller animals is smaller per volume of product to come from the farm.

    So organic goat cheese! Any variety you can find. The more local the better to save on frig and transportation.

    Cheese in general has a pretty big carbon footprint
    Second only to beef… chicken (and eggs) is lower as is milk so consider using cheese as a supplement rather than a staple in your diet.

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