Are cell phones or LAN lines better for the environment?



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    Just to clarify the question, I think what you actually meant is “land line” not LAN line. LAN stands for Local Area Network and actually deals with small local networks between computers, and has nothing to do with phones.

    Now to answer which is better for the environment – cell phones or land lines, cell phones are better for the environment. Landlines consume more energy since they are always plugged in. Additionally, they require long stretches of cables all across the country. Cell phones on the other hand, only require a nearby cell phone tower which can then service tens of thousands of cell phones. Additionally, cell phones are easier to recycle although we do tend to throw them out and get new ones more often. So the best thing to do for the environment is to stick with that old cell phone and not keep upgrading it to the latest iPhone!

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    Right, there is a difference between a land line and LAN line.  Land lines are telephone lines that are meant to send a telephone or telegraph signals.  A LAN line is a Local Area Network line that if often usd in office buildings to connect multiple computers and telephone systems.  As ghuang278 says in their answer, yes, cell phones are better for the environment because they are not always plugged in like land line phones are.  Additionally, many people own both cell phones and land line phones.  Health wise, cell phones have potentially dangerous radiation waves that according to the World Health Organization, can highten the risk of cancer in users.  However, that’s not to say that cell phones are great for the environment either (see bestgreenhometips link).  There’s always Skype, though – there’s another alternative.

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