Are cell phones harmful to human health?



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    There is inconclusive evidence to whether or not cell phones are harmful or not. They can cause benign brain tumors however. Using cell phones while driving for either speaking on the phone or texting is distracting and is harmful indirectly and can lead to sometimes fatal car crashes. More research needs to be done to determine if cell phone usage leads to cancer.

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    It has been speculated that cell phone radiation may cause adverse effects on human health but has not been proven yet. The WHO states that cancer is unlikely to be caused by cell phones and will possibly make statements in 2010 about cell phone usage and its link to human health.

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    I do not think people will be able to determine the long-term health effects of cell phone use for awhile, until cell phones have been in our culture for much longer. However, it is believed that there is a link between prolonged cell phone use and the likelihood of developing cancer. One top neurosurgeon released data in 2008 stating that using handsets for more than ten years will double your risk of developing brain cancer. This is believed to some of the most telling research in support of the dangers of cell phone use and their correlation to cancer.

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    According to a 2011 article on CNN, the WHO has stated that cell phone use can possibly cause cancer due to radiation. The WHO categorized its carcinogen hazard as being similar to that of lead, chloroform, and engine exhaust. Specifically, the study cited found “evidence of increase glioma and acoustic brain cancer” in people that use cell phones. There also could be a link between cell phone use and decreased cognitive memory function.

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