Are cell phones dangerous?



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    Some scientists are claiming they are, as exposure to excess radio frequency radiation may be linked to cell damage and cancerous cell growth, neural deficits to memory as well as insomnia, and even immune system suppression. Also, most people carry their phone in their pocket right next to their genitals. This tyoe of radiation comes from many different places, as radio frequencies are generated by many electrical devices. Whether celular phone use constitutes a harmful concentration of these waves (aimed directly at your brain or groin) is still under study, but such studies lack significant financial backing and are thus difficult to conduct reliably.

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    In addition to health problems from the phone itself, cell phones makes us more dangerous walkers and drivers. A University of Utah study found that talking on a cell phone and driving at the same time is as dangerous and driving drunk. Researchers also believe that cell phones are contributing to pedestrian deaths as well. One girl walked into a manhole as she was walking and texting, so definitely be careful!

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    The radio program This American Life has a show that includes the opinions of a European scientists who links a 40% higher chance of brain cancer to cell phone use.  Check it out here:

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    As folks above said, there is research supporting that cell phones may be dangerous.  Cell phones are so new that I have heard mass use of cell phones described as “a real life experiment.”  In 50 to 100 years we will find out what happens if people use/carry cell phones for that amount of time.

    Suggestions to try and decrease radiation:  use ear buds or the speakerphone; don’t carry your phone in your pocket.  Instead carry it in a purse or backpack.

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