Are caves a good place to live in the wild?



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    Caves are generally alright as far as shelter goes, but they are specific environments and need to be treated as such. There aren’t as many species of animals that live in caves as there are that live on the surface, but the most well-known cavedweller is the bat. Other animals will use cave mouths as shelter, but won’t live too far into the cave. There are several reasons why larger animals don’t live in the caves and they all have to do with the level of risk involved with living in a cave. Temperatures in caves are usually much cooler than that above ground, especially the further down a cave you go. Also, caves are formed from water running through and carving the cave from the ground, as well as earthquakes and volcanic activity. Since caves are formed this way, there are areas that are unpredictable; sudden holes, tubes, small areas, crevasses, cracks, and miniature (sometimes large) canyons. Unless you can see these pitfalls, they make caves very hazardous to live in. Another thing you need to worry about is cave-ins. Given all these dangers, it’s a good idea to seek temporary shelter in a cave mouth, but unless you’re adapted to living deeper in the caves, they probably aren’t that safe.

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