Are Caucasians more conscious about the environment that Asians in general?



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    I don’t think one could really make this arguement.  While there are a lot of Caucasian people who are environmentally conscious (most of them in my experience Europeans) there are also a lot of Asians who care deeply about the environment.  The Japanese are very good with technology and have developed a number of cool, green gadgets.  Including a machine that recycles office paper on site into a roll of toilet paper.  Japanese auto makers have also led the way with hybrid cars (Toyota, Honda, and Nissan all have hybrids on the market).  While there is a lot of news about countries like China and India producing a lot of greenhouse gasses, they are also processing a lot of our e-wastes for recycling.

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    Asian cultures have a long-rooted history and tradition of connecting to the environment and being conscientious about it.  The very nature of Buddhism delves deep into the understanding of honoring all things, especially nature.  However, not all Asians are Buddhist and it would be extremist to claim one race is more conscious than another based on any number of factors.  As GreenBean mentioned above, there are policies and iniatives that countries can introduce but when looking at a generalization based on race it’s difficult, perhaps impossible, to label.

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    Whites definitely are not more conciousness about the environment. In fact, China is becoming much more greener than America. Although they are not as green as America yet, they are investing a tremendous amount of money in green technology. They are doing it for economic reasons, rather than for the environment itself, but at least they are still doing something. 

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    No.  You’re confusing race and/or ethnicity with socio-economic conditions.

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