Are Caspian seals hunted or poached?



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    Over about the past 100 years, the Caspian seal population had dwindled by 90%, largely due to commercial hunting by countries like Turkmenistan, Russia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan. Records demonstrate that tens of thousands of these seals were killed each year, for both blubber and the fur of the babies. Today, Russia and some other Caspian Sea-bordering regions still allow hunting to continue.

    The fishing industry, disease, food chain disruption, chemicals in the waters, and habitat invasion are other factors leading to the decreasing numbers of Caspian seals. Since this species is now endangered on the IUCN red list, conservation methods must be put in place in order to save this species from extinction.

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    Yes. Caspian Seals are overhunted, which has caused a decrease in their population. They have been hunted since the 1800s. During that century, an average of 119,000-174,000 seals were killed per year. Their population was estimated to be over 1 million at one point, but in 2005 there was estimated to be only 111,000 Caspian seals left in the world.

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