Are cars in China smaller than they are here?



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    No – China has an exploding auto market for personal-use vehicles.  The cars being purchased and driven are largely domestically produced models of popular foreign car brands, like Volkswagon, General Motors, and Honda.  They are manufactured in factories that represent a joint venture between foreign automakers and Chinese businesses. 

    While the designs of the models driven by the Chinese vary slightly from their Western counterparts – i.e. more rounded exterior, etc. – the sedans are still the same size.  That being said, SUVs have yet to become as commonplace as they are in the U.S.  Compact SUVs and crossovers are steadily growing in popularity though. 

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    They are if you consider how many people ride bikes as their primary form of transportation. There used to be 500 million bicycles, though the car is becoming more common.

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