Are carbohydrates the best source of energy for a human body?



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    Your body needs balance. Complex carbohydrates (i.e. not simple sugars), such as starches and fiber, are one of the best energy sources for your body but your body also needs lipids, in the form of different fats and fatty acids, and protein which is considered “brain food.” What is important to remember is to consume a variety of energy sources and to pick the best ones, complex rather then simple carbs, unsaturated versus saturated fats, etc.

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    When in times of crisis, the best food for the body that will yield the most energy are simple and complex carbohydrates. They are easy for the body to utilize and are in relative abundance in the environment. When resources are rich, good fats as well as proteins will supplements carbohydrates in providing proper absorption of nutrients and to keep the body healthy.

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