Are car sharing programs a green idea?



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    In a sense yes. Although not all car sharing programs use hybrids or other “green” cars, the idea that you are only using a car when you really need one dramatically reduces pollution. If you own your own car, you are much more likely to use it every day because of its convenience. The car share program allows for you to not only save money but also to reflect on whether or not your individual car is a necessity and instead promotes the occasional automobile use and other alternative transportation choices. This promotion, reduction in pollution, and the use of “greener” vehicles, leads car sharing programs towards the right direction of being a green idea.

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    Yes, of course.  Even if the car share program is not using a hybrid, having only 1 car on the road is much better than two three or four. Not to mention that in some cities when you carpool, you can use the carpool lane which makes the commute that much quicker! 

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