Are cap and gowns bad for the environment?



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    The common cap and gown is bad for the environment.  They are made from polyester which takes a very long time to biodegrade.  Also they are typically only used once which means a lot of energy was used to make something that will be worn for a few hours and probably thrown away.  There are some eco-friendly solutions out there, and it is great if someone buys theirs secondhand rather than wasting something that will never be used again.

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    There are many schools that rent their caps and gowns, then return them. New York University has a rental system in place. Although, of course, polyester still isn’t great for the environment, not all schools make their students buy their academic attire for a one-time occasion. It is much better to reuse the existing caps and gowns.

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    Both recyclable and biodegradable caps and gowns are available and in use at many schools.

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