Are candy wrappers and the like recyclable? Even if they don’t come with a plastic code stamped on them?



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    Candy wrappers, unlike say plastic bottles, are usually made from multiple kinds of plastic, which makes them difficult to recover through the standard recycling process. Candy wrappers also don’t account for a large amount of volume in waste, again reducing the incentive to collect and process them. One recycling company, Polyflow Inc., has found ways of converting unsorted plastic (including candy wrappers) into ethanol or diesel fuel or similar substances. Other people turn their old candy wrappers into arts and crafts projects. 

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    Candy wrappers are commonly made of Mylar, which is not a recycled material. TerraCycle is a company that re-purposes commonly un-recyclable materials into new recycled products which can be found at Whole Foods, Target and Home Depot among others.  You can send in yogurt cups, drink pouches, candy wrappers, chip bags and many other packaging materials and TerraCycle will donate money to your favorite non-profit or school.

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