Are camels bovine creatures?



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    Bovinae (Bovine) is a subfamily within the family Bovidae. Camels belong to the Camelidae family.

    Both Bovines and Camels are within the Artiodactyla order, which is the group of animals that are Ungulates, or hoofed animals.

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    In the current taxonomic system, animals are arranged by relatedness in the following categories from most general to most specific: Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. “Bovine” describes animals of the Family Bovidae and generally the Genus Bos, to which cows, oxen etc. belong. Camels are of the same Order as cows (Artiodactyla) but belong to a different Family (Camelidae) and therefore Genus. They are both ungulates, but camels are not bovine, no.

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