Are camels bigger than horses?



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    As there are many types of camels and horses size varies depending on the breed. The overall range of weight for camels is 660 to 1,520 pounds while horses range from 800 to 2,200 pounds. The largest horse breed is bigger than to largest type of camel.

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    This is a difficult question to find a conclusive answer to because both animals vary so much in their size. Camels have the following size ranges: 5.9 – 7.5 ft high; 660 – 1,520 pounds weight. Horses have similar size ranges: 4.67 – 6.0 feet high; 840 – 2,220 pounds weight.

    I believe it is fair to say that horses are generally shorter and heavier than camels. However, there are clearly many exceptions to this generalization.

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