Are camel spiders dangerous?



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    Not really, they will bite if provoked or in self defense, but the are not venomous. Most of the danger comes from having an infected bite than the actual bite itself, so always be sure to get a spider bite checked out by a doctor.

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    Camel spiders rarely if ever go after prey that is larger than them and will only bite as a form of self-defense. Also the bite is no poisonous, but should still be treated properly. In short they are unaggressive, unless agitated, and if bit death will not result.

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    No, Camel spiders are not dangerous. They do not seek out humans, they may run to you, but it is only to seek shade because they live in very dry regions. They will bite in self defense, however they have no venom. There is risk of infection though, so if bitten one you should see a doctor to be sure. 

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    Camel spiders are not dangerous.  Many people believe that they are dangerous because when they see the spiders following them while they walk, they are mistaken.  Camel spiders overheat very easily.  This means that when someone sees a camel spider behind them, they are only there because of the shade that a human shadow creates.  They are attracted to the shade not the person.  Also, the only time you will see a camel spider bite is if it’s an act of self defense.  The bites are painful, but it can easily be avoided in any circumstance.

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    It all depends. They don’t have venom, but all things that have fangs or stingers have poison. It depends on how your body reacts and if it has a allergic reaction.

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