Are schools in California the most green schools in America?



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    I’m not sure if you mean schools as in colleges or just public schools (like high schools). In terms of high schools and such, it’s hard to actually answer thing but I think it’s safe to assume California’s are the greenest.

    In terms of colleges though, this isn’t necessarily the case. While there are a good amount of very green colleges in CA, most of the elite northeastern schools are very green. Take a look at this list of the top 20 or click the link below for the top 135 eco-friendly schools.

    University of Colorado – Boulder
    University of Washington – Seattle
    Middlebury College
    University of Vermont
    College of the Atlantic
    Evergreen State College
    University of California – Santa Cruz
    University of California – Berkeley
    University of California – Los Angeles
    Oberlin College
    Harvard University
    University of New Hampshire
    Arizona State University – Tempe
    Yale University
    University of Florida – Gainesville
    Bates College
    Willamette University
    Warren Wilson College
    Dickinson College
    New York University

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    I’ve read other lists that show the “University of California” in the top ten, without specifying which branch is at the top. However, I haven’t seen a UCal school listed as number one overall. This is ok – being in a top 10 or top 20 list is still great. I’ve visited several UC campuses, namely Berkeley and Santa Cruz, and find them to be lovely places with a lot of plants and trees, not to mention great academics.

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