Are California condors a type of vulture?



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    The California Condor is a type of vulture, specifically a New World Vulture of the family Cathartidae. It is the largest flying bird in North America. It can be found in California, Arizona, and Utah. It’s also an endangered species with about 160 living in the wild.

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    Yes, in fact they are also referred to as California vultures.  Like typical vulture behavior, the California condors scavenge for dead prey, preferring large dead animals like sheep, deer, and cattle. And just like vultures, California condors depend on good eyesite in order to help them locate their next meal. 

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    The California Condor is, indeed, a vulture.  In fact, it has also been known by the name California Vulture.  The CA Condor is one of the most endangered birds.  Before the 1980’s, the population of the birds declined to less than 25 birds due to hunting and poisonings.  Efforts to rehabilitate the species included the birds’ capture to be bred in captivity.  In 1992, the first captive-bred CA Condors were reintroduced into the wild.  See the link below for more interesting facts about this bird!

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