Are calico cats always female?

Are there any male calico cats?



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    The simple answer is no. They are often females, but there are cases of males with the similar color patterns.

    Calico and Tortoiseshell cats have similar genetics.

    The gene for orange color is codominant and is locaed on the X chromosome. The orange gene can mask the primary gene for colors like brown, black, cinnamon. Since male cats only have 1 X chromosome (XY), they cannot technically be both orange and not orange at the same time. The only time this is not true is if the male cat experiences Klinefelter’s syndrome (at least that is what it called in humans) where a phenotypic male has the genotype XXY.This is very rare although I’m not sure on the numbers. Wikipedia says 1 in 3500, but I have seen as common as 1 in 200 in textbooks. The point is, it is rare but not impossible.

    If there are two X genes, one can code for orange (O) and in the other X genes, codes doe no orange (o). This ensures the cat will have orange color and also whatever other color the Xo holds.

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