Are businesses recognizing green degrees more now?



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    If the degree is an accredited BA or better they are. I don’t think certifications will mean anything unless it is directly related to the job being applied for. Many businesses (employers) are not particular about what kind of BA you have, and some might see benefit in hiring someone with conservation background.

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    What do you consider a “green degree”? I have a degree in geography, particularly physical geography, which focused on various environmental issues, mapping, landscape ecology, and gis. It might just be the economy, but I cannot find a “green job.” At least 80% of large corporations do use GIS (geographic information systems) in their company, so I guess one can say that they do recognize and use more “green degrees.” But in all reality, one cannot really tell in this economic climate; I have several engineering friends who either just got laid off in the past few months or cannot find a job. If engineering graduates cannot find full time work then there is definitely something wrong. I do feel however that being “green” is already becoming an intense marketing scheme, so maybe in the future that will correlate into the hiring of more “green” degree holders.

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