Are buffalo heavier than cows?



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    If you mean a buffalo as in the North American grazing animal, you are actually referring to a bison; scientifically “buffalo” refers to the African water buffalo.  So, the average male bison bull weighs around 2,000 pounds while a female bison cow weighs around 1,100 pounds.  Cow weights depend a lot on the breed of cow, but a typical grass-fed Angus beef cow weighs about 1,000 pounds, so Bison will be the heavier of the two.  If you meant to compare an African water buffalo to a cow, water buffalo can weigh between 1,500 and 2,650 pounds, and so still weigh more than your average cow.

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    American bison are often referred to as buffalo, though this can lead to confusion between bison and the water buffalo commonly found on the Asian continent. 

    The average weights of cows and bison seem to be comparable.  For bison, or Bison bison, weights vary between 1100 lbs for the female to 2000 lbs for the male.  For cows, or Bos taurus, weights vary between breeds.  For example, within the Jersey breed, average weights range from 900 lbs for a female and 1500 lbs for a male.  Other breeds can be heavier, though the male, which does not provide the milk, of course, is generally heavier than the female. 

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