Are breast cancer rates lower for women in Asia than for women in the United States?



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    Asian women, stereotypically do have lower rates of breast cancer.  Scientists believe that this may be due to a difference in diet and exercise.  Asian-American women’s rates of breast cancer have been on the rise and are starting to more closely mirror that of American women than that of Asian.  IT is theorized that they low fat, high soy protein diet of Asians is largely responsible for the lower breast cancer rates. 

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    According to 2005 data from the World Health Organization, the incidence of breast cancer per 100,000 women was 8.6 in Japan compared to 21.2 in the United States (no data existed for China). Another chart from a 2007 Time Magazine showed similar trends, with incidences per 100,000 women of 101.1 in the United States, 18.7 in China, and 32.7 in Japan. (I think the WHO data must have been referring to fatalities, though the chart title did say “incidence”.)

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