Are boreal forests as threatened as tropical rain forests?



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    I would say no. Since the majority of the world’s boreal forests are in developed first world countries, they have the means to protect and conserve their forests, using the sustainably. Meanwhile, the world’s tropical rain forests are located in developing nations in South America, Africa and the South Pacific. These countries continue to exploit these valuable resources in order to grow their economies, which makes it difficult for developed nations to try and protect them.

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    I would agree that rainforests are more threatened, and I suspect the products that are made from trees harvested in rainforests play a role in the rate of deforestation. In addition to timber, rubber, coffee, and spices all come from those forests (and to produce coffee and spices, entire forests need to be clear cut). The demand for coffee in developed countries has reached a record high, which means an increase in the pressure put on the regions where it is grown.

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