Are books bad for the environment?



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    It’s easy to look at that which consumes paper and say it is bad for the environment.  But people should not stop writing, publishing, buying, and reading books.  Some books are now being made with recycled paper.  But regardless, if you are looking to buy books, check out used books stores. And if you have some you don’t need anymore, you should sell them.  Books are constantly circulated, and this has been happening before the green movement become popular. You should not be discouraged about buying and reading books.

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    If they are being used and appreciated, I do not think books are bad in any way.  However, if they’re being wasted, then yes.  From a purely production and conservation standpoint, electronic books are way better for the environment.  Yet if something is getting a good amount of use it is certainly not a waste.

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    In no way do I think that books are bad for the environment.  Yes they use up a lot of paper, but if responsibly handled then I do not see them as an issue.  Books are something that can be used over and over, and provide readers with an extensive amount of information.  I think that there are a lot of other paper-less things that are bad for the environment that should be worried about before books.

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    With both books and eBooks, the majority of what hurts the environment is done during the production stages.  Having had previous bookstore experience, I feel that the worst part of the publishing business is the mass production of books with a skewed idea of the demand.  A way that publishers and bookstores can decrease their footprint would be to have a better idea the market and plan accordingly before going ahead with the mass production.  A lot of it does, sadly, go to waste. 

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