Are bones good to add to compost?



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    Not really, no. They will biodegrade, but it tends to take them a long time to do it because of the fat and oils most things are cooked in. Plus they have a tendency to attract rodents and putrify your yard.

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    Actually, bones can be composted quite successfully, with the aid of a trusty food processor.  The citation marks a wonderful way to compost bones, and does still warn against vermin and bacteria.

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    Bonemeal is actually a widely marketed soil amendment. Bone meal adds minerals like calcium and phosphorus that are otherwise unavailable. The best thing to do would be to grind up the bone before composting it. See, “android’s” post above. Apparently, bone meal is also being used as a human nutrition amendment in tablet form. Although, I would rather use it in soups the old fashioned way.

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