Are blue fin tuna becoming endangered?



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    According to, the blue fin tuna is near extinction. It’s population has allegedly declined 97% since the 1960s. In May of 2010, the Center for Biological Diversity filed a formal petition with the Secretary of Commerce to have the North Atlantic blue fin listed as “endangered” and protected under the US Endangered Species Act. The South Atlantic Blue Fin is thought extinct.

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    While the bluefin tuna has been listed as a species of concern, the NOAA has not included them as an endangered species as of 2011. Bluefin tuna are very popular sushi fish. Tuna populations have fallen 80% over the past 40 years, according to staff attorney Katherine Kilduff of the Center for Biological Diversity’s ocean program.

    The NOAA plans to re-evaluate the status of the bluefin tuna in 2013.

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    Overfishing is a large issue and is taking its tole on the Bluefin tuna population. The international union for conservation of nature released information regarding the current damaged population of Bluefin and the large amount of fishing that is causing the sharp decline. But the Bluefin is only one of five tuna species that are in jeopardy due to overfishing.

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