Are the blood type diets good for your body?



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    There seems to be arguements on both sides concerning the blood type diet. There are some experts saying this way of eating is good for you because your blood type helps to determine your susceptibility to certain illnesses, what foods are best for you, and how much you should exercise. For example, my blood time is O, therefore on this diet I would eat alot if meat and fish, restrict carbs, and exercise vigorously. Critics of the diet say that there is not enough scientific evidence to prove that this diet is beneficial and it would be difficult to stay within its confines (WebMD, 2011).

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    Blood type diets are more about eating what your ancestors ate than about actual health. Since people in different parts of the world ate different things and tended to have the same blood type within their region, that is why the diet was developed. If you have mixed ancestry, a blood type diet is totally pointless. Blood type is nothing more than a little protein marker on your blood cells which may cause your body to reject someone else’s blood cells if they have an extra protein marker that makes it appear like a foreign bacteria rather than perfectly good blood cells.

    If you want to go on a diet that is good for both you and the environment, I recommend the 100-mile diet. Fresh, local foods are delicious. If you have a local fruit/vegetable stand in your area, you might try going there. You might also find that the prices are better, too. I have a great produce stand just outside the city of Davis that I like to frequent.

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    I prefer body type diet.

    Everyone is genetically wired in different ways. As a result, each person has different body types. Some are genetically thin and tall while some are shorter and has a rounder body. Either way, when on a diet, there are some diet plans and workout that works for the others. The diet solution program along with other types of diet books and workout plans encourages its readers to go on a body type diet. This is still the same diet that you thought of but with the body type diet, you should consider your body structure and what to eat along with your body type.

    The body type diet is specifically engineered in order to help you realize the type of food and what to expect with your diet outcome. Some diet regimen misleads people with a certain type of diet yet it proved to have no effect at all. Therefore, before embarking on the body type diet, you should know your body type and know more details on what to eat and even certain exercises to suit with the body type diet.

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