Are birds very sensitive to the weather?



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    Birds tend to migrate when the weather changes, so I would definitely call that sensitive. Also, my chickens are laying fewer eggs and molting as the cold weather sets in. Different species have different patterns of behavior, so it depends on which birds strike your curiosity. Canaries are probably some of the most sensitive birds, but people use them to detect changes in air quality rather than temerature.

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    Birds are most sensitive to weather in the sense that they rely on their surroundings for food.  Like happyhodges mentioned, by the mere fact that they relocate or migrate to warmer areas, this is a key indicator that they are quite sensitive to their surroundings, the weather having a key role in those surroundings.  

    When it gets cold all animals tend to retreat making it difficult for birds to find their normal food sources.  Worms and insects, among other food sources, naturally retreat during the cold.  When snow or other forms of precipitation are added to the mix it makes it nearly impossible for birds to find food to survive for any period of time. 

    In addition, birds do not have the physical ability (due to their lack of fur) or resources (putting on extra layers like humans do) to keep themselves warm if the temperature drops.  

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