Are birds the only animals that have outrageous mating rituals?



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    No, birds are not the only animals that have amusing mating rituals. The Bonobo, Brown Antechinus, and hippo are other animals with distinct mating rituals. 

    Bonobos have sex often and they will mate under unusual circumstances. For instance, bonobos will mate as a form of greeting, as a form of conflict resolution, and even as a form of celebration. 

    The Brown Antechinus will stop everything to mate. The male Brown Antechinus will stop feeding and sleeping so that he can mate with as many females as possible. Afterwards, the male Brown Antechinus is so weak and immunocompromised from strenuous mating that sickness and death occur. 

    Male hippos attract their mates by relieving themselves of urine and bowel in view of the potential mate. Female hippos seeem to be attracted by this display. 

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