Are bio fuels good for bad for the environment?



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    Biofuels may be bad for the environment. Tests are showing that global warming may be worsened by using biofuels. Biofuel production has also caused wetlands and rainforests to be cut down in order to prepare more farmland for biofuels. Read more at the article in the citation field below.

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    Bio-fuels are generally carbon-neutral, so they are are much better than fuels pumped out from the Earth like natural gas, gasoline, diesel.

    All we have to be aware about is how they are made:

    – are they made by destroying natural ecosystems (sugar cane for ethanol in Brazil destroys forests and grasslands)
    – are they made from food (soy, corn) in drive food cost up
    – are they taking a lot of energy to be made
    – id process of making them polluting

    Personally, I am a proponents of using microbes to produce bio-fuels via process of photosynthesis (green-blue algae) or fermentation (yeast).

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