Are billboards bad for the environment?



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    I wouldn’t necessarily say they are bad for the environment, though I could see how someone may argue that they are.  Of course, any large structure will have somewhat of an impact on the environment, since it is made of a lot of materials that require energy to acquire, and takes energy to be built.  Also, billboards are lit up at night, so there is that to consider.  By themselves, they have less of an impact on the environment than houses, buildings, or cars, but one thing that is unique to billboards is that they get a message to people.  Depending on what message they are giving, they could have a positive or negative effect on the environment.  For example, a billboard promoting green awareness may have a positive effect, whereas a billboard selling cars could be argued as perpetuating our dependence on oil.  So I think ultimately, it depends on the billboard’s message.

    I think this billboard sums things up nicely.

    Hope this helps!



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