Are bike sharing programs really expensive to do?



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    Not necessarily.  Denver is the city that premeired this new bike-sharing program.  The state was awarded a $210,000 grant from the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant. 

    There are also membership fees, sponsors, donations, and transaction fees that help toward any costs the bike-sharing progam has to pay. 

    Several other large cities in America are preparing grants to begin bike-sharing programs, such as New York and Chicago.  Europe has had bike-sharing programs for years already in Rome, Paris, and a few other cities. 

    Hopefully, the more popular this eco-friendly program becomes the less expensive it will be to maintain.  It is only $65 for a yearly membership, which is low when you compare it to money spent on gas each year.

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    Bike share program range from very inexpensive, labor intensive, community run bike share programs to very capital intensive, expensive, corporate run bike share programs.  For better or worse, the latter seem to have broader reach and more longevity.  For more information check out the links.

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