Are bike paths a big part of sustainable cities?



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    Creating an urban environment where people have access to jobs, goods and services without the need of cars definitely involves incorporating safe, easy to use and expansive bike paths. In cities like Copenhagen, Denmark, where bike commuting already constitutes 37% of commuters and is growing, bikers needs are important. They are developing bike paths that can accommodate bike traffic in a separate infrastructure than motor or pedestrian traffic.

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    Bike paths are definitely key to a sustainable city, as is the implementation of other forms of alternative transportation. Here is a link to a in-depth study of four sustainable American cities, which outlines how each city has worked to become more sustainable, completed by the Sierra Club: Hopefully this will give you more great information about what makes a city sustainable!

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    Yes they are. Having functioning bike paths/lanes in a city promotes alternative transportation and allows bikers to travel safely. Vehicles create a huge problem for cities, having the dependency on cars to be cut down is a great start towards making a city sustainable.

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