Are bigger TV’s worse for the environment?



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    In general, yes. The larger a TV is, the more energy it will consume. Energy consumption will also depend on the TV technology used. Microdisplay TVs are the best, with LCD next and Plasma the worst. Also, don’t forget that TVs consume power when they are turned off if they don’t have power cut from a switch or surge protector.

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    If using more energy counts as “worse for the environment” then yes. Larger TVs draw more energy AND some TVs draw more energy that others. Plasma screens draw upwards of 75% more energy than LCD TVs.

    Another thing is that appliances still draw power even when they’re turned off. Its a minimal amount of energy, but the bigger the appliance the more it uses, even when its off. I’m getting into the habit of switching off my power strip when I’m done watching TV.

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