Are bidets sanitary?



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    In many cases, the water of the bidet does not arc straight up, but from the back or from an angle.  With these, it is perfectly sanitary — assuming you wash your hands afterward — as there’s no danger of questionable matter falling back into the faucet.  For vertical-stream bidets, cleanliness is debatable, although the water pressure of the faucet makes it in a sense “self-cleaning” and should prevent most everything from getting trapped in a place you wouldn’t want it.  The moral of the story is that bidets are sanitary, and as long as you wash your hands you will have nothing to worry about.

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    Some claim bidets to be more sanitary than toilet paper.  Others are not so sure.  Bidets do a better job of cleaning but depending on the type of bidet you use, it is necessary that you make sure your hands and other areas are cleaned thoroughly.  I have used some bidets that don’t require the use of hands at all.  The most sanitary bidets are the ones that are the most technologically advanced with a dryer and self cleaning mechanisms.

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