Are bidets more sanitary?



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    Most sources say yes.  Check out this LINK to read the specifics on why a bidet is more sanitary for cleansing than toilet paper.  

    According to this article from the scientific american, not only are they more sanitary but they also would be better for our environment.  

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    Well the do get you cleaner. It’s like showering your genitals every time you go to the bathroom. If you use a bidet instead of toilet paper, then that means you don’t have to touch yourself. A lot of sicknesses are due to people wiping and not washing their hands, or not washing them well. So if we can avoid touching our waste, then it might help lessen the amount of germs out there. 

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    Bidet SprayerA hand held bathroom bidet sprayer is so much better than a stand alone bidet or bidet seat and this is why: 1. It’s less expensive (potentially allot less) 2. You can install in yourself = no plumber expense 3. It works better by providing more control of where the water spray goes and a greater volume of water flow. 4. It requires no electricity and there are few things that can go wrong with it. 5. It doesn’t take up any more space, many bathrooms don’t have room for a stand alone bidet. 6. You don’t have to get up and move from the toilet to the bidet which can be rather awkward at times to say the least. Available at  One review:    

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    A bidet is more hygienic. It’s frustrating that many Americans still use toilet paper instead of water to clean their genitals. There are many unhealthy consequences of using toilet paper to clean up. For one, you will never completely remove the fecal matter until after you properly showered or bathed. Your hands will also be contaminated. Sometimes, fecal matter also stains your underwear.

    A bidet offers cleanliness and relief for menstruating women. For many ladies, a warm soothing jet of water feels much better than wiping and changing your tampons. Sexually active people also benefit from a bidet spray. Cleaning up after intercourse will help remove sweat and other bodily fluids, and a bidet does a good job that toilet paper.

    A bidet also helps relieve the pain and discomfort brought by hemorrhoids. The warm jet of water will provide soothing, instant relief. If you start using a bidet early, you might even be able to completely avoid having hemorrhoids, since wiping with tissue paper can aggravate hemorrhoid irritation.

    Disabled people will also benefit from a bidet, particularly those who don’t like getting help from attendants all the time, especially when they’re cleaning up after themselves. Using a bidet lets you to maintain good personal hygiene with minimal assistance and reduces unnecessary embarrassment.


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