Are bees safe to handle as long as you do it right?



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    Certainly! If you can be very careful with bees you won’t get stung. Most of the time you have to be gentle with bees and take good care of them. You should also wear appropriate clothing and making sure none of your skin is showing just in case if you do disturb the bees, you have to ready. When you do consider raising bees, they need a place to store honey, a good idea would be to buy supers (boxes) so you can stack the boxes on top of each other. Supers boxes can have as many as 5. They are also at a fair price to buy. 

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      Get this ignorant baggage off the site, and stop giving “Green” a bad name.

      As usual, jchang14 has not the slightest idea what she’s talking about … but of course she goes right ahead, oblivious, spreading stupidity everywhere.

      Jessica, you fucking moron, even beekeepers get stung, wearing the “appropriate” clothing.

      And people who have allergies? Who are stung? They can die. Make your big apologies to the relatives of the dead people who listened to your bullshit.

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      Really your kind of going for a low blow sue collins…also, another thing, why do you keep’s kind of low class that you are going off on me like this. Very inhumane.

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