Are bed bugs a problem in the United States?



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    Bed Bugs have been a growing problem since WWII. Most commonly found in high turnover nightly stays, such as hotels and shelters and such.

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    Bed bug sightings decreased in the 1950’s after the use of DDT to combat them. However, they have recently begun making a comeback in the US. One theory for their reemergence is the increase of world travel. People are coming in and out of the United States in high numbers and chances that they bring in bed bugs from countries with bed bug problems are high.

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    I’d say bed bugs are more of a problem in densely populated cities, where people live in close contact with one another. In New York City, bed bug incidents have been rising in recent years. Infestations are a serious issue, and recently incidents have been occurring in some of New York’s most expensive neighborhoods, e.g., the upper east side. For some people they are an embarrassing problem; therefore, when the critters infest these wealthy areas, incidents go under reported and neighbors aren’t warned about the bugs in the area. I’m pretty sure now if you are interested in an apartment in New York, a landlord must disclose whether or not the building has had bed bugs in the past year. 

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