Are bed bugs dangerous?



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    According to most scientists, no. Bed bugs bite humans, usually leading to itching and small puncture sites. Though some experts say they transmit human diseases and cause infections, there is little evidence of this occuring. The major problem with bed bugs remains in getting rid of an infestation. So, in short, bed bugs are a nuisance, but not very dangerous for humans.

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    Bedbugs, previously thought to spread a variety of diseases, are now thought to be harmless to humans. WebMD says that there is “little evidence to suggest they are carriers of human disease” and that they don’t pose a significant health risk. Bedbug bites often don’t trigger a skin reaction, but like flea bites, they sometimes itch. With the use of topical anti-itch creams, itching and symptoms usually go away within a week. A more serious reaction can occur if the bite gets infected or triggers a severe allergic reaction, but these conditions are easily treated with medication. 

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    Bed bug bite can cause skin itchiness and irritation, and can show up as a visible blemish. Scratching can increase the chances of infection, and some people with soft or sensitive skin can have a very serious reaction to bed bug bites. They were previously thought to carry disease, but this is found not to be the case.

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    according to science research bed bug bite causes itchiness and swelling on skin. Normally they don’t pose a significant health risk. But for person having sensitive skin it may be more harmful. 


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    It really is composed of small fossilized shells of algae and also ocean vegetation. The potential to defeat bugs is caused by its aggressive and absorbing characteristics. Whenever bed bugs are exposed to this harsh natural powder, the protecting about the exoskeleton should get destroyed.

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