Are bed bugs dangerous?



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    Bed bugs originally came from Europe and were nearly eliminated in the 1950’s from the insecticide DDT. However in the 1970’s Rachel Carson documented the dangerous effects of DDT and it was banned. Since then bed bugs have been on the rise. They really aren’t simply in beds either; they can be in and around any furniture such as couches or theaters chairs.

    Bed bugs are not inherently dangerous though. They cause small red welts and sometimes unbearable itching, but are not thought to cause or spread disease. They do take blood though and secondary infections can occur from scratching the welts. Some other side effects have been asthmatic reactions to the shedding of skin of the bugs themselves.

    There are a few ways to rid yourselves of the bugs. These include using orange oil or steam to stop the infestation. Getting rid of your mattress will not stop the bugs because they tend to re-infest from other areas in the home. I recommend using orange oil as a weekly cleaner for book cases and furniture and doing a steam clean once a month on soft surfaces.


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    There are now concerns that bedbugs are capable of spreading bacteria, such as MRSA, after having contact with a person’s blood after someone has scratched to expose raw skin. Check out this article to learn more about the research.

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