Are beavers an pest species?



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    Almost anything can be a pest, meaning something present unnaturally and unwanted. Beavers in their natural habitat are not pests.

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    Some people consider beavers pests, although, like rigibson said, in their own habitat, they aren’t pests; humans are really the ones that infringe upon their habitats, in essence ‘making’ them pests. Many towns actually have beaver management policies or beaver control programs. One of the main concerns is for roads near bodies of water with beaver dams because of flooding hazards. For more information about these programs, see links below.

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    Yes, beavers can be considered pests, because where they build their dams are not always convenient for human beings.  Their dams and burrows are known to be responsible for flooding, blocking culverts, collapsing reservoir dams, and can even derail trains.  There are ways to discourage beavers from building their dams in certain areas, but the methods that are least harmful to the environment or the beavers are best.

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    Beavers are sometimes a pest to humans.  In order to make their dams, a beaver may chew on woody landscaping leaving only their trademark pointed gnawing left.  A beaver’s dam causes the water above the dam to pool, deepen, and widen, sometimes flooding roads.  The citation below gives some tips on managing beaver flooding without destroying their habitat.

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